Transport can be expensive when you travel the world. There are many different options that can get you the best deals and save you money.

Whether it's buying a car, renting a camper or taking an inter-city train, we will help you find the best deal.

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There can be many different options for transport when you travel, our favorite is cycling but you won't get as far as you'd like with that alone, unless you want to hitchhike too. We have met someone who hitchhiked across the whole of Europe before. Luckily, transport doesn't have to be a big expense when you travel, we will show you how.

First of all, if you ever leave an airport and get offered a cheap taxi, DO NOT go with that person. These are usually unlicensed taxis that will not have a meter and charge you excessively. Stick to the labelled taxis.

If we told you that you can rent a car for $25 a day, would you believe us? We didn't believe it was true until we started booking rental cars in different countries. Obviously, you are paying for the smallest, cheapest car the rental company has, but unless you're planning on driving off-road then that shouldn't be an issue. Booking a rental car is ideal for a weekend if you plan to explore the rural areas. Although remember these tips for booking a rental car:

• Most companies require a license to be held for 12 or 24 months to allow you to rent. Enterprise is one that we found out didn't require any length of time to hold a license.

• Drivers under 25 and sometimes 30 will incur a young driver charge. Call the company before and ask if there is any chance of this fee being waived (sometimes they want the business).

• We have found that if you select a pickup time at the latest possible time in the day, and the drop-off time at the earliest time in the day, you will save a whole day of paying for rental car.

• Take pictures when you get your car, just incase you get blamed for any damage that is already there.

• Make sure you have insurance to cover your rental car. Some credit cards can offer insurance. See this blog!

Anything long term such as travelling to Australia for a year, then we would recommend buying a car or camper. You might be thinking how could I afford that? But it's actually a cheap option for long term travel. Backpackers and travelers buy and sell cars all the time in different countries, head into hostels and check the notice boards, or look on sites such as Gumtree. You could pick up a second hand car for around $3,000 and then at the end of your trip (providing nothing happens to the car) just sell it on to the next traveler. Trust us, it will save you in the long run. 

If you've traveled to parts of Europe then you know that trains are more expensive than a downpayment on a house (were just exaggerating, but seriously they are expensive). We have found that GoEuro is a good site for finding cheap train deals and we have used that multiple times to travel in Europe. We would still recommend a car, but sometimes you may just want to get from A to B, in which case a train is a good option. Check out below and we will help you find the cheapest deal. 

For those of you hardcore travelers, you will know what it's like sitting on a crowded bus for 17 hours through the middle of the night just to save $10. Buses and coaches are some of the cheapest options, but they also take a long time. If you have the time to waste, then sure save money, and take a bus or coach. Some companies offer passes that allow to you buy a hop-on hop-off service on a larger scale. 

There are so many options for travel, we will save our main tips and advice for future blogs so we can go into more depth. If you have any questions about transport when traveling then contact us here, otherwise scroll down to find the best transport booking options around.

Our Top Picks


Top Tips

• Book one of the cheapest cars with manual transmissions, it will be an eco car which means you will pay very little in gas/petrol.

• Inform them no later than 24 hours before if you want to be picked up.

• Prices are not likely to fluctuate like airlines.

• Be aware, if your pickup and drop-off locations are different you will pay  a higher price.

• If you rent cars often, sign up to the rewards program.

• Make sure you have insurance coverage, whether it's through your credit card or a personal policy.


Can be really cheap

Some locations can pick you up

Automatics are more expensive


Cars may not be the best

Dublin, Ireland

Reykjavik, Iceland





Venice, Italy

Munich, Germany

Top Tips

• is a search engine - some rental companies require a license to be held for 12 or 24 months (there are one or two that don't Enterprise being one of them). Make sure you check the terms.

• Check the rental companies direct website to compare prices.

• Ignore anything that says "Hurry! Last few left".

• Some rentals may offer free shuttles to the pickup location.

• If you are unsure, use the chat or call feature on the left side of the results page.

• Also ignore the message "It's busy in ..... book now so you don't miss out".  A city will not run out of rental cars.


Large selection of companies

See reviews when searching

Doesn't put cheapest first


Prices may be cheaper direct

Copenhagen, Demark

San Francisco, California





Tampa, Florida

Brisbane, Australia

Top Tips

• As we say for every third party booking site - check the company direct to compare prices, they are not always cheapest on third party sites.

• If you book through a third party site, contact the rental company by  email or phone to confirm your booking.

• Remember that prices displayed are not always final, third party sites charge fees when you go through the booking process.

• Expedia rental cars will not list in order of price, select that yourself at the top of the search.

• Some rentals include free cancellation.


Large choice 

Good filters and search options

Bad reputation


Booking Fees

Trollasen, Norway

Kefalonia, Greece





Lyon, France

Rome, Italy

Top Tips

• Always check for a promo code for discounts. Search "CheapOair coupon code" on Google or check their homepage.

• If you are not flexible with your travel plans, this site won't be for you.

• Use the price slider on the left side of the search page for accurate results related to your budget.

• Even though you select an airport pickup location, lookout for the "non airport location" in your search.

• You should know this one by now - check the rental company website before booking.


Always promos and deals

24/7 customer service

Must be flexible


High fees assosciated

Vienna, Austria

Banff, Canada





Juneau, Alaska

Cape Town, South Africa


Trains & Buses

Top Tips

• Check the top bar when you search, you will see a rough cost of flights and buses to compare against the train cost.

• Some tickets are non refundable, some can be amended.

• GoEuro/Omio will not sort by cheapest automatically.

• Be aware of strikes, they happen often in Europe. If there is a train strike, you will not know much until you get there probably. Don't panic just book onto the next train, contact GoEuro/Omio and you will be entitled to a full or partial refund.

• Search for train stations nearby your destination, you may find it's an extra $50 cheaper for an extra 5 minutes drive at the other end.

Search and Book here


Cheap option for train travel

Reliable service

Limited locations


Flights & buses are still cheaper

Paris to Barcelona

Rome to Florence


Paris to Amsterdam

Madrid to Lisbon




Top Tips

• Make sure you plan your trip before.

• Use the live chat feature if you are unsure on anything.

• Use this page to create a custom itinerary, view others.

• This site is mainly aimed at young travelers who want to meet people along the way.

• A top tip from us, don't book accommodation until you are there. You are likely to meet people you want to travel with which can change your travel plans instantly. 

• This is a cheap way to see multiple cities, take advantage of it.


Good to meet other travelers

Hop-on Hop-off style trips

Some big cities are missed out


One way trips

Trip: Paris - Barcelona

Trip: Island Hop Greece





Trip: Paris - Berlin

Trip: Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh

11 Days

11 Days

12 Days

14 Days

Top Tips

• A really cheap option to see Europe.

• Plan your trip before to assess which pass type you need.
• Only European citizens can book an Interrail pass, non European citizens have to book a Eurail pass 
(click here).

• If there are more than 2 of you, it would probably be cheaper to rent a car and pitch in on gas/pertrol.

• Remember that in most of Europe anyone 27 or under can purchase a 'youth' ticket which is cheaper than an adult ticket.


A great option to see Europe

Can be cheap for what you get

High speed & Night trains have fees


Cheaper passes have limited uses

3 month - Unlimited

7 Day - 1 Month Pass



1 Month - Unlimited

15 Day - 2 Month Pass



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