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We normally do everything solo, but there are some experiences or tours that need to have a guide or you may prefer to travel with a group.

We will help you find the best-recommended tours, group trips, and cheap ticket prices. for your travels.

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Tours & Activites

Whilst we normally prefer to go solo and see everything ourselves, there are times when you will need to pay for tours, or you may prefer to travel with another group. 

Traveling with a group is an experience you will never forget, you will make friends and memories for life. If you have always wanted to travel with someone but none of your friends ever wanted to, first off show your friends our site, then book a group trip. You will be nervous to start with but we promise you that the second you arrive at the accommodation you will make new friends. The main thing people who haven't traveled before don't realize is that everyone else is in the same position. It is so easy to approach new people and talk with other travelers, especially in hostels. Remember these tips:

 - Don't be Scared -

It can be daunting meeting a group of new people, but everyone wants to make friends and have a good time. Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone will help you later in life too.

 - Be Prepared for Plans to Change -

This one is important. Try not to plan too much as you will make good friends and might decide to go traveling with them to different places that you had planned already. We learnt this the hard way and lost around $3,000 on trips we had already booked because we met another group of people and wanted to travel with them. That leads us to our next tip...

 - Don't Sacrifice Your Experiences -

Whilst it's nice to make plans with new friends, don't forget why you wanted to travel in the first place. It's easy to feel pressured into doing something others want to do and missing out yourself. If you paid for a museum ticket but your friends wanted to go to the beach, go to the museum! 

Then there's traveling solo (you can still meet people this way too), some people prefer to go it alone. You are on your own schedule, doing what you want, how you want and when you want. Just be sure to plan your activities in advance.

The main tips for booking activities and tours solo are:

 - Decide What Your Interests Are -

There's no point booking a whole city pass to access museums or attractions when you only want to enjoy the views from the outside, or just want to explore the parks. 

 - Research it Online - 

If you want to purchase tickets for something research it online (or ask for our help). It can be cheaper to book activities and tours on the day, at the location. But that is also dependent on what it is, we tried that with the Catacombs, Paris and had to wait in line for 4 hours. 


- Make a Plan -

Dependent on the time you have in a location, make a plan. That doesn't mean you should plan every minute of your trip, you should still leave time to walk away from the tourist areas and explore yourself, that's the only way discover hidden gems. If you have a day to see a city then plan your top 5 tours/sights and work out which ones you have time for. 

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Tours and Tour Companies


Top Tips

• This site is great for guided tours and pre planned itineraries.

• Each tour has reviews from others so read about them first.

• The terms & conditions can catch you out so make sure you read the (especially if you are paying a deposit).

• Read through the itineraries to make sure you are getting what you want.

• Read the "what's included" tab because there will be some expenses.



Safe & Reliable

Good selection of tours


Terms & Conditions (read them)

Search & Book here

Italy - 3 Days

Mexico - 5 Days





Cambodia - 10 Days

South Africa - 14 Days

Some tours are expensive



Top Tips

• Read the reviews, as with everything. Take negative reviews with a pinch of salt, as those can be based on peoples personal opinions (their issue might not be an issue to you).

• Select the deals tab to see the latest offers on trips.

• Read the booking conditions page to avoid unexpected charges.

• Check the travel itineraries again to make sure that trip is for you.

• Just because you pay for a group tour, it doesn't always mean food and accommodation is included. Check this before.



Can be cheap for what you get

Good group experiences

Hidden fees


Lots of coach/bus travel

Australia - 3 Days

Ecuador - 7 Days





West Coast USA - 9 Days

New Zealand - 14 Days



Top Tips

• There is a loyalty program to sign up to if you book regularly.

• Search by "theme" to select trips that suit your travel needs.

• Check out the last minute deals on the homepage for discounted trips.

• Once again read the reviews/itineraries/terms & conditions.

• Read the "important notes" section of a trip to avoid unwanted surprises.



Smaller group travel

Travel & culture

Not many short trip options


Can be more expensive than solo

Madagascar - 11 Days

Central Europe - 15 Days





Egypt - 8 Days

Antarctica - 10 Days



Top Tips

• Decide what you want to see before booking a pass.

• If you don't want to go into some of the buildings it might work out cheaper to buy tickets for individual locations.

• Research and compare prices online, it can be cheaper than buying a pass.

• A hop-on hop-off bus pass is useful for transport around the city regardless of the sights.

• Read reviews.... again.



Easy way to get access to sights

Flexible access

Limited to North & South America


Not many locations

New York - Boat Tour

Miami - 3 Attractions





LA - 6 Attractions

Orlando - 3 Attractions



Passes, Activities and Experiences

Top Tips

• Search as many as you can, there are many tours to offer, read the descriptions to  Find one that most suits you.

• Check what's included to avoid unwanted expenses.

• Read reviews from others.

• Worth doing for an authentic local experience.

• Some may be group tours, make sure to check if you want a private experience.



Local, cultural experiences

Interesting tours & experiences

Limited to local area


Transport generally not included

Venice - Wine Tasting

Sydney - Secret Bars





Dubrovnik - Kayaking

Paris - Private Jazz



Top Tips

• Reviews have lots of information so filter and read them to find out if the trip is for you before booking.

• Search the actual website of the place you want to see before booking.

• Plan ahead to make sure you can make it to the location in time.

• Don't book lots of tours then realize one is the other side of the city, check locations beforehand.

• Read the T&Cs.



Thousands of reviews and photos

Large selections of tours

Some tours can be expensive


Website is not well desgined

Central Park - Bikes

Auckland - Food & Wine





Amsterdam - Cruise

Beijing - Great Wall



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