Travel 101 | 101 Best Travel Tips

Updated: Aug 25, 2019

I always get asked for tips on travel and it can be impossible to fit everything into a short conversation. I thought that since now I have a travel blog, I can share my top travel tips that I have learned over the years. I have travelled for over 10 years, half of that time has been long-term travel and the other half has been part-time travel. You don't learn a lot of these tips until you make the mistakes yourself, so I am sharing these tips to help you avoid those mistakes and have the best travel experience.

1. Always Have a Backup Plan

Plans can always change when you travel and it can be contradicting to say "don't have a plan when you travel" because you need to have at least a little idea of what you want to do. Reasons your plans might change could be:

- you might love the country so much you want to stay longer

- you might hate travelling and want to come home

- you might not have got the chance to see everything

- meet a new group and want to travel with them

- weather might cancel your flights

Having a backup plan can be anything as simple as having enough money saved to afford a flight home if everything doesn't work out. Another example, say you book a flight and it gets cancelled but you really need to get to that destination, already have another flight prepared just incase, so if your flight does get cancelled go straight online and purchase the other flight (you will get refunded the original anyway).

2. Take a Powerbank

One of the best travel tips that I have come to learn is to take a powerbank or portable charger with you. No matter how much you think you can live without technology, the fact is that most of your life is planned on the internet. You might have on your phone, confirmation numbers, reservation details, itineraries, or come across the perfect photo op, and without juice in your devices you could run into trouble.

I have arrived at countless places where they have no record of the reservation (the companies fault) and needed access to my phone to get a confirmation number. Without battery, I wouldn't be able to access this. Also, this is a great idea for digital nomads who want to work outside and you can get portable chargers for certain laptops too.

The two that I recommend are:

- Power Bank RAVPower 26800 Portable Charger

- Portable Charger Anker PowerCore 20100mAh

3. Photocopy Your Passport & Other Documents

It can never hurt to have a copy of your passport, just in case you lose yours. It won't work with flights but for proof of I.D. it is a useful backup. Also, in some countries international visitors are required to show passport only for access to clubs/casinos/bars, therefore taking a photocopy is much safer that your actual passport.

You should also copy your visa, job references, resume, bank statements, or any other important documents you may need. I would even print a list of useful contacts such as the number to call if your bank card gets stolen, it's just peace of mind.

4. Weigh Your Bags Before the Airport

This made the list of best travel tips because unfortunately I don't do it and have realised the hard way. I have paid over $400 in fees due to overweight bags. When you fly domestically or with budget airlines internationally & domestically, they will likely weight your carry-on luggage.

Take Jetstar in Australia for example, they only allow 7kg combined for your carry on luggage, which is ridiculous to start with. My laptop weighs 3kg so that leaves very little room for anything else. There's no way around it, if your bag is too heavy you will have to check it and pay a $60 fee.

However, if you weigh your bag before hand, you will know it's too heavy and can go online no later than 24-hours before to add a checked bag for $20. It's better than $60 after all. I know that not every airline does this so it's up to you if you want to take the risk.

5. Always Get Coins in the Currency of Your Destination

When you arrive in a new country, you might need to call your hotel for pick-up or call a friend from a payphone, having change is vital. You might also get stuck at an airport and the ATM doesn't work, it's useful to have if you want to get some food or drink. Get enough cash to cover your transport from the airport to your accommodation and a little extra in coins. You never know if a location will accept credit cards.

6. Get a Bank With no Foreign Transaction Fees

For American citizens, this is a given with the majority of travel credit cards. For other citizens of the world, credit cards without international fees are not very common. Thankfully there are now digital banks which pretty much cater to travelers and digital nomads so they all offer free payments abroad. Here are some of the more well-known ones:

- N26

- Schwab Bank High Yield Investor Checking Account

- Capital One 360

- Discover Bank

7. Research the Destination Before You Get There

The more you know about a destination the better. Learn the laws of the country, if you should tip, if you can see everything without renting a car, top things to do, I could go on forever. It's useful to know details about where you are going to so you can be more prepared and make the most out of your time there. I am not saying to learn a 100 years worth of history about each city, just spend 30 minutes browsing the most important things.

An example is to research whether you need a visa to enter the country. It's different for every country and depending on where you come from, some countries give you one on arrival, some won't let you in without one, and some don't even require one.

8. Don't Eat Out All the Time

This is a sure way of draining all your travel money. It's good to try new foods and treat yourself, but limit it to once every 2-weeks maybe. If you decided to travel because you want to experience all the different restaurants then this is not the best travel tip for you.

9. Don't Live Through Your Camera/Phone

It's great to take pictures for memories or check in on social media but don't spend every second doing it. I recently visited some of the most picturesque locations in Switzerland and witnessed people arriving and taking pictures/videos walking out of the coach and didn't put their phone down until they got back on.

Obviously, you are welcome to see the world how you want but one of the best travel tips I can give is take one or two photos, then put your phone away and actually take in what you are looking at. You should consider yourself lucky to be able to visit different parts of the world.

10. Walk Without a Plan

If you are going out for the day to visit a city, go and see the things you really want to first, then just walk. You will discover so much more about the culture and find hidden gems when you walk with no direction. If you feel like an area is unsafe or don't feel comfortable then turn around and go somewhere else. Just don't be afraid to explore.

I have come across many different coffee shops, activities, picture sports, scenery, and other cool places from just walking. I once visited Prague and walked for 17 hours, I covered the whole city and saw some places where there were no tourists at all. I couldn't walk the next day though! So don't over do it.

11. Use Google Maps to Plan a Road Trip

Google maps is a great tool to have and it is definitely worth its place in the best travel tips list. You can create a custom map for every location and it allows you mark all the top destinations you want to stop off at. You can also download them to use offline, so it works perfectly for anyone planning a road trip and ensures you don't miss out on the essential spots because sometimes those spots are not even signposted.

If you really want to go overboard and plan for budget you can see the distance between each location and then do a rough calculation to work out idea of how much gas/petrol will cost. Here is what one of my custom maps looks like from Switzerland.

12. Sign Up For Travel Credit Cards

Travel credit cards come with great benefits. You can earn free access to airport lounges, over $1,000 off flights, cash back bonuses, no foreign transaction fees, damage coverage for rental cars, and so much more. It's worth having at least 2 travel cards. If you want to know more about which are the best travel cards check out this blog:

Credit Card Travel Hacks | The Best Credit Cards for Travel

13. Join Rewards Programs

Depending on who you book with, rewards programs can be a good way of earning free perks. Most of them are useful when it comes to accommodation for example Wyndham and Hilton Hotels have good rewards programs. If you think you will book regularly with one company, see if they have a rewards program first.

A good one that I can recommend is Enterprise car rentals. They have locations all over the world and they are one of the cheapest car rental services.

14. Always Have "Emergency Funds"

You never what is going to happen when you travel. Have an emergency stash in a separate bank that you don't touch. You might need a new laptop if yours breaks, a loved one might become sick and you have to travel home, you might run out of money and have to return home, the number of reasons is endless.

15. Don't Be Scared to Talk to People

You will learn that when you travel it becomes easier to talk to strangers. You should never be afraid of speaking to locals or other travellers, you never know where it could lead or what tips you can get. This includes people that try and talk to you in the street.

16. Download the Google Translate App

If you are visiting a country that doesn't speak very good English, this app can make life so much easier. All you have to do is take a picture of what you want translating and it will do it automatically. Another reason to have your phone charged with a powerbank!

17. If Something Isn't Right, Complain

If you are paying for a service and it is not provided, you are entitled to complain. That doesn't mean you have to be horrible or you should complain about the tiniest of things. If something is really bad complain to the manager and see how the situation is rectified. Everyone is scared of complaining but let's say you go out to eat and get served a meal that's cold, why should you sit there and not eat and pay for that service? The business needs to know to improve on quality and you need to get what you paid for.

18. Rent an Economy Car if You Hire

Economy cars are not only the cheapest cars to rent, they are the best on gas/petrol. I rented a car recently for 4 days and did a fair bit of driving. I didn't have to put a single bit of gas/petrol in the car, the gauge just didn't move.

19. Leave an Emergency Stash in Your Suitcase

If you go out for the day, leave a credit card, some cash, copy of passport, and other important things you may need in case of an emergency. If your items get stolen while you are out and you carry everything with you then you will be SOL. Equally, if you leave everything in the room and someone breaks in, you will have nothing. Be sensible and keep an emergency stash somewhere else.

20. Message the Airbnb Owner Before Booking

This works well if you are going to book a lengthy stay. Airbnb owners are mostly normal people looking to make some extra income. If you message and ask for a discount, 7/10 times you will get a discounted rate. They might not have any bookings or have slowed down for the season and might just want to get some income. It's worth asking. Don't demand anything though, you should ask politely, they are not entitled to give you a discount.

21. Always Search for Coupon Codes Before Doing Anything

The world of coupon codes is very much still going strong. Before you book anything hotels, accommodation, flights, trips, go onto Google and type " (what you want) coupon code " then browse through all the options. Some might be hit and miss but don't give up because there is bound to be one that works.

22. Put Dryer Sheets in Your Case

Fresh smelling clothes everywhere you go, why wouldn't you?

You can thank me later.

23. Avoid Peak Tourist Seasons

One of the best travel tips but also one of the most obvious! When you visit in peak tourist seasons not only will you battle through hoards of people, you will also pay more for things, sometimes double. Peak tourist seasons are peak for a reason though and generally will be when the weather is best so you will have to sacrifice something if you avoid the peak times.

24. Don't Eat or Drink at Tourist Hot Spots

An example of this would be Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy. You will pay extensive amounts of money for coffee and ice-cream compared to a coffee shop located down one of the back streets the other side of Venice. Obviously, if you want to pay the money and enjoy the atmosphere then that's fine but as one of my best travel tips, this is to warn people that you will pay much more for eating and drinking in busy tourist areas.

25. Make Sure You Get Travel Insurance

Some people want to take the risk, those people end up with $10,000 worth of medical bills. It could be something simple as getting sick in unhygienic countries where you need to visit the hospital and get medication. Recently an Australian woman had to pay over $10,000 for an injection because she was bitten by a monkey in Bali.

The point is, you never know what is going to happen, you might not be accident prone but you can't prevent something like a tree falling over and hitting you or catching a bug in a new location that your body isn't used to.

26. Learn Some of the Language

Even if it's just hello, please, and thank you, be respectful and try and say some basic words back in the language of the country you are visiting. You won't look stupid for trying, you will be respected more for trying. It also makes navigating a bit easier if you understand some basic words.

27. Respect the Culture

One of the best travel tips I can give is to respect the culture. See my previous blog on sustainable tourism. You are a visitor in a new country which is other peoples homes, you should be painting a good picture of your native country and of travellers. This means respecting the rules whether they are written or unwritten. If you visit a temple and the religion requires you to cover up, then you cover up. If tipping is recommended, then you tip.

28. Always be Flexible

Flexibility will not only save you money but it allows you to experience more. If you plan a trip with one date and one activity in mind, you will be disappointed if you can't do it that day or it's $200 more expensive than 2 days later. An example here is that if you book an expensive tour in a location, you should allow 2-days either side of that tour, if not more, because weather conditions may force it to be rescheduled.

29. Screenshot Important Addresses and Phone Numbers

You might not have an internet connection or access to Wi-Fi. Make sure you have everything important as a screenshot. I would say to print it but not everyone has access to printers when travelling.

30. "Download" the Area You Visit on Google Maps

This has made the list of best travel tips because it provides great convenience. It can take up space on your phone so I recommend downloading one area at a time and deleting after you leave. You can use the offline maps for directions when driving and walking without having to worry about a Wi-Fi connection. It's good for a navigation system when driving.

31. Don't Plan Too Much

All the talk I have given about planning and having emergency plans, now I say don't plan. It might sound contradictory but what I mean is that you shouldn't have every flight and hotel from now until next year booked. Your plans will change without a doubt. Plan a month at a time and see how you get on.

32. Don't Use Vacuum Seal Bags

I've seen other blogs saying vacuum seal bags allow you to fit so much more in your case and they are the best things ever. They are not. What other people fail to mention is that yes, they might allow you to fit more in the case, but that means extra weight. So you could be charged more for your case.

If not, let's say you get to a location and they don't have a vacuum to use. How are you going to fit all that stuff in your case now? I recommend packing cubes instead.

33. Don't be Scared by Everything You Read on Social Media

This goes for everything in life not just travel. Media generally picks up on the strange and terrible events that occur because it makes news and goes viral. Media is rarely going to promote a place and say it's nice to visit because that's boring to read. So don't pay attention to those stupid Facebook posts about "why you should never visit Africa" they are posts written by silly people who just want their content to go viral.

34. Carry a Backup Hard Drive or Use a Cloud Service

You will take a lot of photos when you travel, the last thing you want to happen is to run out of space and have to delete some of your favourite photos. Have a backup. This is my favourite portable hard-drive.

35. You Don't Need to be at the Airport 15 Hours Early

Seriously, you don't. Security lines don't take that long and if you are worried that you will miss your flight, ask security if you can skip the line. Simple.

36. Start Using a Bar of Soap

Ditch the shower gels, buy a soap everywhere you go. They are small, compact, cheap, and do the job. You can even save the ones you get from hotels, just don't plan a heist on the maids' trolley.

37. Don't Worry About Wi-Fi Everywhere

(Unless You Have a Remote Job)

I have travelled with and witnessed people panicking about Wi-Fi everywhere they go. The first thing when sitting down in a restaurant "what's your Wi-Fi password?" You don't need constant access to Wi-Fi, just relax and enjoy the atmosphere and company you are in.

38. Look at Flights to Lesser-Known Cities Than Your Destination

Sometimes if you fly to a city nearby where you actually want to fly to, it can be up to $400 cheaper. You will have to travel from that city to the one you originally wanted to visit, so research that too, but it can work out much cheaper. Plus you get to see a new place.

39. Don't Sleep in Until 3pm

I have never understood people that waste their life sleeping. Fair enough, if you had a heavy night the night before, but try and make the most of being in a new country. There is so much more to see and do when you wake up early and make the most out of your day.

40. If You Want to do Something... Do It

This is an important addition to the best travel tips list. Don't let any travel blog, person, or group, dictate what you do. If you travelled to a new city to visit a museum because it's the one thing on your bucket list, but all your friends want to go out somewhere else, you go to that museum and do what you came for. You will regret it if you don't.

Even if you want to have a McDonalds for dinner, don't be embarrassed, go and do it. This is your trip, you paid for it, you do what you like.

41. Make Time For New Friends and Old Ones

You should make the effort with new people and try to stay social when you travel. It's good for you and can lead to new opportunities. More importantly though, you should never forget about your friends back home. Always try and keep in contact whether it's the occasional message or a video call. Some friends you will lose because they won't understand why you can't call them every day like you used to, but that's their problem, as long as you know you have done all you can.

42. Use Instagram to Find the Perfect Picture Location

Not many people know this travel tip. If you want to know the best locations for pictures all you have to do is #location and see where everyone else is taking pictures. Don't actually type location that was an example, you need to type the city you are in.

43. You Will Never See Everything so Make a Plan

Here we go again with the make a plan and don't make a plan. This one applies more to when you visit a location for a short amount of time. You should make a list of all the things you want to see in that location, number them in order of most important, then start from the top. If you don't make it to the bottom, you will be less disappointed.

44. Let Yourself Go

Try new things, make a rule that you do something you have never done before in every location. You will discover more about yourself and enjoy your experience more.

45. Have a Good Camera

If you want to get good pictures, you should invest in a reasonably good camera. It doesn't have to cost thousands. Here are a few I recommend that I have used before:

- Go Pro Hero 7

- Canon EOS 80D

- Nikon D3500

46. Get a Universal Travel Adapter

With USB chargers, you might not struggle to charge devices in most locations but you should still have a travel adapter for the devices that need a plug and for countries that don't have USB charging access. This universal charger is perfect and even comes with a case.

47. Have an Emergency Plan

This is different from a backup plan and is more oriented towards emergency situations. Do you know what to do in case of an earthquake? If you get bitten by a snake? Learn the vital things you can do in an emergency situation that will save your life.

48. Pack an Emergency Pack in Your Hand Luggage

What if you lose your luggage? You will have no underwear, no clothes, no chargers, and pretty much nothing. You should have a small pack in your hand luggage that will cover you for a few days just in case.

49. Unlock Your Phone if You Plan to Use it

Most people should know that you can't use a foreign sim card in a phone that isn't unlocked. Call your provider before you leave and ask them to unlock the device to all networks. If they can't do it then find a small electronic shop or stool that can.

50. Plan Things To Do in the Week

Like everywhere in the world, the weekend is the busiest time to do something and will likely be more expensive. You should plan all your activities in the week to avoid bigger crowds and higher fees.

51. Don't Book Accommodation For Longer Than a Month

You should never book accommodation for a long stint. If you arrive and discover that it wasn't as described and you feel really uncomfortable there you will then be stuck for the duration you booked. At least if you only book a few weeks, you will be able to change it afterwards.

52. Read Reviews Before Doing Anything

It's always useful to know what other people are saying about a trip or accommodation etc. You should take a look through reviews to see if anyone mentions good or bad things that you want to know. For example, some Airbnb owners might not list they have a washing machine for use, which may be important for you, but someone in the reviews may write that they did have a washing machine.

53. Take Some Reviews With a Pinch of Salt

Don't let one bad review put you off. Sometimes bad reviews, especially on TripAdvisor, can be fake with the intent on disrupting a business. If you see that 99% of reviews are good but one is bad, you should ignore the bad review. If you notice a trend where there are 10-15 bad reviews all mentioning similar things, then it's likely to be true. Use your common sense on this one.

54. Rent a Bike or Scooter

In most cities, you will find that there are now bikes and electric scooters you can rent through apps. They aren't expensive, can be dropped off anywhere, and provide a great way of getting around a city, especially if you have limited time there. Research the city before to find out which companies have them.

55. Get a Reasonable Supply of Contraception

In some countries, you may not be able to get the same contraception or it may cost hundreds of dollars more. Make sure you get the biggest supply you can before you leave and avoid running out or paying more money abroad.

56. Remember You Are Not at Home

As one of the best travel tips, this is an important one. Sometimes people think that you are going to be able to relax and enjoy home comforts when you travel. This is far from the truth. You might only get the opportunity to enjoy a bath every 5 months, eat out once a month, live without new clothes, and so much more. You need to remind yourself of this as your travel until it sinks in. If you can't come to terms with it, then travel might not work out for you.

57. Take a Spare Towel (Not a Microfibre Towel, They Stink, Literally)

A spare towel is useful for accommodation where you don't get a towel and also if you stay in a campervan and visit beaches/shower. Just take a normal towel though, regardless of the convenience that microfibre towels provide, they are unhygienic and smell.

58. Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to organise your stuff. You can separate underwear from socks, tees from sweaters, and organise however you want to. They aren't expensive and just make life so much easier when you pack up and unpack at every new location. Click here to see my favourite.

59. Take an Empty Water Bottle With You

Nearly every airport offers a free water station that you can fill up at. Don't buy water when you can just take a bottle through and fill it up. A foldable water bottle will save you even more space, check this one out.

60. Always Memorise Key Landmarks Near Your Accommodation

It can become easy to get lost in a new city. When you arrive at your hotel/Airbnb/hostel find out what the nearest landmark is to your accommodation. Maybe it's a hotel name, statue, church, or anything that stands out. If you have no access to maps, this will be a life saver when it comes to navigating back home.

61. Remember That Daily Essentials Won't Taste the Same in Every Country

Some people wonder why milk tastes horrible in different countries or meat tastes different. Your palette would be so used to the foods from home when you try foods in different countries, it will taste considerably different. This is also down to the way animals are raised, what they are fed, the processes involved in making food/drink, and much more. Just remember things may taste much different.

62. Be Aware of Public Holidays in Other Countries

Some places completely shut down on public holidays and they are different all over the world. If you are planning something big on a trip then you should check to see what days the public holidays are. Even if a place is not closed, it may charge double or triple the price.

63. If You Are Under 25 in Europe, Purchase a "Youth" Ticket

Anyone under 25 can receive discounted travel in Europe. This is most useful to purchase train tickets. When you see the option of booking online, it will be in the dropdown box that has adult, child, student, etc. If you decide to book in person, make sure you tell the ticket officer you need a youth ticket.

64. Try at Least 1 New Thing in Every Location

Whether it's food, an activity, a dance, or a new type of accommodation, make sure you try something different everywhere you go. If you travel to a country and stay in a hotel every time, get McDonald's for dinner every day, go to one museum everywhere, it can become pretty mundane and you won't get a true experience of what travel is like.

65. Pack Enough Underwear... Then Some More on Top of That

"I have enough underwear when I travel", said no one, ever. You might think 7 pairs of underwear is enough but when you realise how difficult it can be to access to a washer and dryer, plus the cost, you will begin to wonder why you didn't bring more. We've all been there.

66. DO NOT Beg for Travel Money

This has been a hot topic in the news recently where people that are travelling are begging for money on the streets in poor countries. This is disgusting and I don't know why anyone would find that acceptable. Just don't do it, seriously.

67. Don't Be Scared to Ask For Directions or Tips

Local people can be very friendly to tourists and always offer a helping hand. If you are lost, ask somebody. Even in the big cities that have a reputation of people being rude, you will still find people that are willing to help. When I first started out travelling, I was lost in New York City, a person that lived there, actually approached me and asked what I was looking for, he then gave me directions, along with some tips of places to stop at. 2 for the price of 1.

68. Always Take Sunscreen

The best travel tip that is so obvious but not everyone listens too. The Sun is dangerous, your body can be in the Sun for a maximum of 20 minutes before you need to apply sunscreen, but you should apply it before you go out. You should also re-apply it when you have been in water, even if it says water resistant. Skin cancer is no joke.

69. Research Your Flight Before Going to the Airport

It takes 5 minutes to find out information about your flight. You should look up the terminal, security time, any delays, and anything you think would be useful for your journey. The last thing you want to do is arrive at the wrong terminal then have to travel 20 minutes to another terminal, especially if you are running late. Just look up the information before and be prepared.

70. Don't Judge People

One of the biggest mistakes people make in life is judging others. People bring this trait with them when they travel and realise that they shouldn't have. People are people and unless you get to know someone you shouldn't judge them. This goes for travellers judging other travellers and locals. Popularity, looks, background, and all of that stuff doesn't matter when you travel.

I made the mistake of judging two people I met travelling and they became two of my best friends, it taught me a valuable lesson.

71. Take Some Tote Bags

I know that so many travellers would have been in a situation where they have gone shopping for groceries and then realised the struggle of carrying it all back. Tote bags make life so much easier, they are cheap, and they fit right in your pocket.

72. Pack a Rain Jacket

You might think that the destination where you are going will never see rain, but even in the hottest locations, there are tropical storms. Take a rain jacket, it can be a really thin and compact jacket to avoid inconvenience. Try this one.

73. Wake Up Early or Stay Up Late

Have you seen the sunrise in Australia or the sunset in Bali? Did you know that you are more likely to see dolphins at sunrise times? You should wake up early and see the things that most others miss because they are laying in bed until mid-day. If you arrive at tourist destinations early in the morning too, you will get an undisturbed picture opportunity of the most iconic locations.

74. Take a Separate Bag for Dirty Clothes

Throwing your dirty, stinking clothes in with all your fresh new ones when you have to travel is one of the worst things. One of the best travel tips people don't realise is to bring an extra bag for your dirty laundry. Some suitcases have one built in, if not purchase one online. This is a really good one.

75. Invest in a Car Charger

If you rent a car, do road trips, or drive a lot, a car charger is a lifesaver. You can always keep your phone plugged in when using Google Maps for directions so your phone doesn't die. You can also charge your GoPro or any other devices you need to. It's a handy item to have so you don't miss out on any photo ops or get lost. Take a look at this one.

76. Don't be Afraid of Public Transport

Some people are scared to use public transport in a new country because they don't understand the language, don't want to get lost, or are scared of talking to people. Aside from walking, public transport is probably your best way of navigating a city. If you are unsure, ask someone for help. What's the worst that can happen, really?

77. You Don't Need to Panic and Book Flights/Accommodation/Car Immediately

When some people decide to go on a vacation or travel, they think that everything must be booked straight away to get the best price or avoid losing out. If your heart is dead set on a place/flight then book it. But the first thing that should get booked is the flight. From there you can even leave everything else until the day before you fly or even the day of arrival to book. So don't book everything straight away, shop around a little and look for good deals/locations. If you really are compelled to booking all in one go, book with free cancellation so you can have the freedom of changing your mind.

When I travelled Iceland, I booked my Airbnb on the same night I arrived everywhere I went. This might not work everywhere but it was cheaper for me and it gave me more freedom, I wasn't panicking about trying to drive 12 hours to the next city to make my Airbnb, wherever I wanted to stop I just booked a place.

78. Don't Always Take the First Price You See

If you are walking around looking for tours to book, flights online, accommodation, or anything you want to spend money on. Don't always go with the first option, even if someone grabs you in the street and tells you it's the best price, tell them you will keep it in mind and shop around a bit more first. Don't be pressured into buying.

I recently had a tour operator tell me that I could only book this tour through them and not directly at the location. I already knew that I could book it directly at the location and she was lying to get me to pay for the tour there.

79. Never Pay for Parking (I Don't Mean Drive Off Without Paying)

Even if you have to park outside the city and walk in, there are lots of different places where you can park for free. City parking can be very expensive. Research online for free parking spots and see what other bloggers and travellers are saying. If you have to walk an extra 10 minutes but save $50 it makes more sense to walk.

80. Don't Wear Speedos

It's not a good idea, it never has been, don't do it.

81. Don't Take Anything for Granted

Just remember that you have the opportunity to travel the world and see things that some people could only dream of. Never take that for granted or complain about anything.

82. Book Entrance Tickets Online and In Advance

There are certain situations where it is much better to pay for skip the line tickets online. Normally it's when you visit really popular tourist destinations. I had to wait 4 hours in the freezing cold to get into the Catacombs, Paris, because I didn't book a ticket in advance.

83. Plan How to Get to Your Accommodation From the Airport

Knowing how to get to your accommodation is a valuable travel tip. It's not very nice to arrive at the airport at 3am when you are exhausted, to then have to look up how to get to your hotel and probably end up paying $50 for a taxi. If you research before if there is a train, bus, Uber, and how much they cost, what time they run, you can have an understanding of what you need to do when you arrive.

84. Don't Travel on a Passport That Has Anything Less Than 6 Months Left

Due to visa requirements and country laws, you can be denied boarding if your passport is going to expire in 6-months. Some countries allow 3-months, but it's not worth the risk. If you have flights booked and renew your passport, remember to contact the airline and tell them the new passport number and details too.

85. Always Check the Foreign Booking Sites for Cheaper Deals

Airlines in different countries will have their own websites. You should check these for flights and potentially save money. You can still book the flight from your home location, it will just be in a different currency. Use Chrome to translate the page for you which will make it easier, then you should purchase with a credit card that has no international transaction fees. Obviously, convert the currency to your local currency first just to make sure that it is cheaper.

86. Set Up a Travel Instagram Page

This isn't the best travel tip, but it's fun to do. How many times do you scroll through your hard drive full of 100,000 pictures and look back over the memories? There are too many to do that. Make an Instagram page just for you, post all your favourite pictures, then you have that account to look back on whenever you want to reminisce.

This is ours - @couplescarron

87. Use a Cable Organiser

One of the most annoying things about travelling with cables is when they all get tangled up in yo ur bag. That's why this is the best travel tip. Get a cable organiser travel case for all your wires and electronics. It makes life so much easier. This is my favourite.

88. Never Forget Why You Wanted to Travel

It's important to always remember why you left to travel in the first place. Some people leave and then a week later miss home so much, they go back and regret it. Take a moment to remember what gave you the urge to travel and what you will miss out on. This also applies to doing things you want to, if your dream was to parachute in Australia, then you should pay the money and do it. Don't stop yourself because of money or other people.

89. Don't Be Afraid to Ask Someone to Take Your Photo

There are so many people I know and have met that regret not having their photo taken at famous locations. No one ever takes offence to you asking if they will take your photo, most will probably ask you to take one too. One thing that makes a photo more interesting is a subject, which would be you.

90. Don't Be Influenced By Others Decisions

I have mentioned this a couple of times already but it deserves to have it's own "best travel tips" spot. You will meet a variety of people as you travel to different locations and will probably join and form groups where you will do everything together. This is one of the best experiences you will have when you travel but it's important not to miss out on the things you want to do. Just because others want to do something, if you don't want to, then don't do it. Remember it's your trip that you have paid for.

91. Do Some Work For Free Accommodation

This mainly applies to hostels and motels, but it depends on where you are and if you don't ask, you don't get. There are lots of locations that will let you stay for free for working the reception desk or cleaning rooms. A good way of travelling cheap.

92. Cook Large Meals With Other People

Not only is this fun but it can save money. Organise a food night or something where each person brings an ingredient and someone cooks something. It's a great way of making friends, saves money on food, and gives you a great night.

93. Get a Sim Card in Each Country

Each country will have their own sim cards that offer data, texts, and calls. Your best option is to get a pre-paid sim card where you pay money for 28-31 days worth of data and allowances. Once your time is up, it expires and you have to "top-up" to get more. Be aware that you will need a passport or I.D. and an address (use a hotel address).

Do not purchase any of these devices online that offer 10GB data for $150, they are a rip off. You can get 60-80GB in countries for $50. For those of you that don't know, 10GB is not very much. Especially if you watch a lot of Netflix.

94. Take Extra Batteries for GoPro/Camera/Drones etc

Batteries for things like the GoPro and Drones do not last for very long at all. Purchase a couple of spare ones and keep them charged so you never miss out on the perfect photo or video opportunity.

95. Don't Stress or Worry About Bad Situations

There are very rarely situations that can happen when you travel that cannot be resolved. If something goes wrong, don't panic or worry about it because that will cloud your judgement and affect your decisions. This is why it also helps to have a backup plan. If something goes wrong, just think about the most logical thing to do and if you are unsure, Google it. If you need any help with travel then contact us.

96. Don't Think That Everything is Dodgy/Shady in a New Country

People may approach you and talk to you, just because you are in a new country it doesn't mean that they are going to hurt you or take your money. You should always be sensible and aware of your surroundings but also go into situations open minded and see where it leads.

97. Venture to the Places That No One Has Heard Of

Just because you haven't heard of a place it doesn't mean you shouldn't go there. There are 195 countries in the world, you will probably only hear about 15-20 of them. That's not even counting the cities. The tip I can give here is to research the location before you book, just check that there isn't an active war or outbreak of Ebola and you should be good to go.

98. Don't Travel With Expensive Items

You don't need the latest MacBook, iPhone, Nike trainers, and any other expensive items to travel. This is only asking for them to be stolen. Keep everything cheap, when you travel no one cares about "image" you should relax and spend your money on things to enjoy when traveling. See this blog on how to travel cheap.

99. Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

This is similar to trying new things. If an opportunity arises to do something, then do it. Even if you aren't sure, as long as it's not life endangering just live your best life.

100. Don't Rush Through a Country or Location

The most important travel tip you can take is not to rush. You might want to get around the world as quickly as possible but there are so many things you will miss out on. Take your time to experience each city and enjoy it.

101. If You Plan a Road Trip, Remember it Takes Longer Than You May Think

I have given so much advice on road trips, I have driven in Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, America, Australia, and others. When you look at the maps and see the driving distance, it's more than likely going to take you longer. You should allow extra time for stopping off and enjoying views, or attractions along the way. Also, stopping off and eating or using the restroom. There is so much to consider when driving from one location to another, I would always add an extra 2 hours on to the longer trips just to be sure.

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