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Booking accommodation can be a stressful thought and process whether you travel long term or are just booking a vacation.


Don't worry, it's not as bad as it seems, when we first met we arrived in Iceland for 10 days with no accommodation booked; we booked somewhere in every town on Airbnb once we arrived, with no issues. In today's world, there are places to stay on every corner of the earth so you will never miss out. 

Here are some key points to note when booking accommodation to find the best deals:

- Don't book the first place you see. -

 Have you ever seen that message, "Hurry! Only 1 room left" - Just ignore it, unless your heart is set on staying there. You will usually find if you go directly to the website for the hotel etc. then there are plenty of rooms available. 

- Shop around -

How often do you go out to eat and pick a place instantly? Almost never, you look around for the best prices, most appealing to look at and the best reviewed. The same applies to accommodation, travel sites are usually offered discounted rates to promote accommodation, so search 5 -10 different sites and compare prices. Even go straight to the website for that hotel, you never know what discounts you'll find.


- Don't be afraid of Airbnb -

Some people are afraid of booking Airbnb as they think they will be sharing the house with someone else. That's not the case, you can do this and it would be cheaper, but there is an option to rent the entire place to yourself.


- Do your research -

This one cannot be important enough. Make sure you check the location, distance to local amenities, parking facilities and again the reviews (ctrl+F or cmd+F and search the reviews for what you want to know). A big one that people miss in the small print is also city taxes that are charged on arrival, so double check the website to make sure.


Check below for our top recommended sites and more.


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Our Top Picks



Top Tips

• For longer stays message the owner first asking for a discount.

• Search again at a later date as new properties get added all the time.

• Make sure there is a kitchen and you save money by cooking instead of eating out.

• Anything over 4 weeks gets an automatic discount.

• If you rely on certain amenities such as WiFi - contact the host first for speed tests or anything else.

• The final price will change when you put your dates in due to service/cleaning fees.

Hebrides, Scotland

Winnpeg, Canada





Calabria, Italy

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Some hosts aren't friendly


Cultural experience

Always Airbnb's available

Owners can cancel bookings


Top Tips

• Prices can be expensive, try and look out of season for the lower prices. 

• Read reviews about the owners as some are very uncommunicative.

• This isn't budget accommodation and you will get what you pay for.

• Stay just for one night for an upgrade if you live in hostels or cheap accommodation.

• More suited to couples and families that travel.

• We personally recommend this villa in Kefalonia, Greece. We stayed for 10 days, it was perfect.



Easy to use and good customer support

Large choice available

Scams can be present on the site


Can be expensive compared to other sites

Lahaina, Hawaii

Dallas, Texas





Kefalonia, Greece

Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

Top Tips

• Linked with TripAdvisor which makes it easier to see reviews.

• Search coupon code on Google and there is generally always a code for 5-10% off.

• Some properties offer free cancellation up to 24 hours before, incase you change your mind.

• Earn free nights with the rewards program.

• You can filter results to include kitchens, washers, swimming pools or anything you are searching for.

• Can be good for families, couples and solo travelers.

• This can sometimes be the cheapest option dependent on where and when you travel.

• Get an extra 10 points per $1 spent if you use your Venture One credit card.



Good rewards program

Can search hostels too


Can't book packages

Bahamas, Caribbean

Bondi Beach, Australia





Boston, Massachusetts

Las Vegas, Nevada

Can be cheaper directly with hotel

Search and Book here

Popular Sites


Top Tips

• Remember if you find a hotel then check the direct website for that hotel.

• Ignore the "in high demand" message unless you really want to stay at that hotel.

• It won't automatically display cheapest first so select that option when you search.

• Filter by your budget on the left side panel.

• It can be cheaper to book separate hotels depending on the price of each day.

• There can be a lot of crowded information on the booking page, so read carefully.



Easy to use

Can book packages

No price alerts


No good reward program

Paris, France

Barcelona, Spain





London, United Kingdom

Zurich, Switzerland

Top Tips

• Whichever hotel you decide, check other sites first as some reviews can be fake or misleading (also to compare prices).

• There is a handy built-in price comparison box that appears next to search results.

• Remember to sort by lowest price.

• Use the search tools on the left to narrow your search.

• Search Google for promo codes and deals.

• Contact us if you need help.



Large selection of hotels

Occasional good deals

Reviews can be misleading


There are still fake reviews

Bali, Indonesia

Crete, Greece





Prague, Czech Republic

Marrakech, Morocco

Top Tips

• You can reserve some hotels and pay on arrival.

• Sort by lowest price first as the site doesn't do that for you.

• Use budget search options on the left panel.

• Read the reviews and compare on other websites.

• Search for discounts and deals on Google and on the Expedia site.

• Use the map view to base your hotel around your plans and itineraries.



Good rewards program

Can also book package vacations

High fees and cx charges


No flexible date search

Laguna Beach, California

Bangkok, Thailand





Cancun, Mexico

Madrid, Spain

Top Tips

• Search for different home types such as cabins, villas, condos etc.

• If you are unsure on anything message the owner or contact customer support.

• Search pet friendly accommodation if you want to take your pets on vacation with you.

• Beware of scams, try not to pay outside of the verified methods on the site.

• If you are sharing with a group this site can be a good option.

• Read reviews, compare prices and read T&Cs.



Great selection to choose from

Good customer support

Fees can be high


Can be more expensive 

Boulder, Colorado

Quito, Ecuador





Tahiti, French Polynesia

Canary Islands, Spain

Top Tips

• The date search will highlight more expensive/cheaper days but still double check them on other sites.

• Some hotels will have free cancellation, look for the button on the search result.

• There is a map view to make searching easier.

• Reviews are integrated.

• Distance to nearest landmark or sight will come up on each hotel.

• Check the hotels website directly.



Competitive prices

Good choice of accommodation

Can't book directly


Business orientated

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dali, China





Pécs, Hungary

Munich, Germany

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