It all started in 2017, fate brought an Englishman and an American to the Lonely Planet forums in search of a travel buddy.


After a few days of messaging we both agreed to take a trip together to Iceland! We knew little about each other until the day of actually meeting, call us crazy. We spent the next 10 days taking a road trip across Iceland and the rest is history. The following months saw us travel to multiple countries & cities to be together. Now fast forward 1 year and over 150,000 miles, here we are, sharing our experiences, tips and travel expertise with you. 

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After spending a semester abroad in Australia, I fell in love with international traveling. Upon graduating I received an offer for a job in marketing that would keep me close to home. I decided to pass the time by obtaining my MBA. Throughout my studies and working full time I traveled all around the world, sometimes traveling internationally for a weekend trip. I made it work, and you can to! Traveling has showed me that there is so much more to the world than materialistic things. You don’t need to be rich to see the beauty of this world.


What's up travellers! I love photography, adventure, good coffee, Jack Daniels and also a bit of karaoke. My first major trip was to the land down under, where I caught the travel bug. From that point on, I have travelled to multiple countries and had some of the best experiences of my life and continue to do so. I have left my job, sold everything and started fresh in a new country three times now, as well as travelling with a full time job. I want to show you all anything is possible. 

Nikki Dee

CO Founder and Travel Enthusiast 

Nikki – 24, USA, passionate about travel, food and fairytale adventures.

Chad Wyatt

CO Founder and Digital Nomad

Chad – 28, UK, passionate about travel, photography and good coffee.

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